Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog and have no idea how to increase the traffic? Are you keep asking yourself why your blog is not getting traffic? We are sharing this article to help you answer all these questions and explain to you how to increase traffic to your blog.

Below we have listed 13 main reasons why a blog is not getting traffic and if you want to find out why and how to improve it, sit down comfortably and keep on reading.

Your Blog/Website Is NewYour blog is new

One of the main reasons can be that your blog or website is new. Google doesn’t trust new websites, because there are too many websites full of scam out there. This is the main reason why Google is monitoring your website for quite a while.

It might take up to a year for the new website to get Google’s trust and start ranking in fist pages of search engines. Be patient and keep up the hard constantly updating your blog or website and being active.

You Are Not Posting Frequently

Other mistake people are making very often is that they are not posting new content frequently. Google like active and fresh content and it ranks websites which are frequently posting new content better. Would you visit a blog site which is not updating and posting new blogs frequently? Probably not, and Google things the same ranking active blogs and websites better.

Our recommendation is to post at least two blogs per week to increase your blog traffic, but if you have the opportunity to post your blogs more often it is even better.

You Are Not Working On Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO can help you to improve your blog traffic drastically. SEO consists of many factors such as targeting keywords, adding Meta descriptions, content quality, and readability, featured images and so on. You can learn more about SEO in our article How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?

Your Headline Is Not CaptivatingBlog Is Not Getting Traffic

It is very important to have a captivating headline which would catch people attention. As an example here are two headlines: ‘’Blog is not getting traffic’’ and ‘’Your Blog Is Not Getting Traffic. 13 Reasons Why and How to Improve It’’. Which Blog would you read? Probably the second one, because the headline is a lot more captivating and offers the reader a solution.

Carefully take your blog headline to consideration, because it can be a huge factor why a blog is not getting traffic.

Poor Content

Content is probably the most important part of our blog and if your readers won’t like it they won’t read it and most likely never come back to your blog.

Your content has to be beneficial to your readers. Help them to solve their problems, find answers and solutions. Remember that readers are in the first place and you have to offer them quality content. Never try just to make money from your blog, people will understand that and you will lose traffic.

Always concentrate on helping people first and trying to answer these questions in your blog on any topic:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Why?
  • When?
  • How?

Your Blog/Website Is Slow

Fast loading speeds are very important to people these days. Make sure you always check your blog loading speeds and make sure it’s fast. Slow loading times are annoying and people experiencing that will go somewhere else.

You can increase your loading speeds by choosing reliable hosting, compressing your image sizes and reducing the number of plugins on your website.

You Are Not Sharing Your Content On Social Media

Sharing your content on social media can improve traffic, especially if done right. Try to engage with people on socialSharing content on social media

media, write captivating headlines, ask questions, instead just sharing your link. Sharing just links to your blogs all the time might look like spam and we can assure you that if you will post just your links, no one will click on them.

You have to catch people attention and make them open your link. From time to time, share something from your life and irrelevant to your blog. Let your followers connect with you more.

Best social media for sharing your content are YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. We don’t recommend wasting your time with Facebook, because conversion rates are way too low.

You Are Not Engaging With Your Audience

Comments are very important and can help you to get more traffic. Comments are making more comments because people love a discussion. Ask yourself which post you are more likely to read, with no comments or with 50 Not engaging with your audience

comments? We personally always choose blogs with more comments, because they are more engaging.

Comments are very important because search engines ranking not just your content, but your comments as well. Good comments can add hundreds of words to your blog helping with higher rankings. Bear in mind that comments have to be good quality and not spam because comments like ‘’great post’’ won’t help you to rank higher and have no value.

Always try to reply to a comment within 24 hours period, because if someone comments on your post or ask a question, they always expect to receive your answer as soon as possible. And if you will be able to do those people will see that you are engaging with them, you care and that they can trust you.

Try to get at least 3 comments on each blog. If you don’t get any traffic yet, ask your friends to read your blogs and leave you some quality comments.

You Are Not Using Images

People are visual creatures and using images can attract a lot more readers to your blog. Many types of research say that people can memorize images 10 times faster than words. Images will help people to read and remember your blog more likely. Always consider adding relevant images to your blog, but don’t go too crazy, because too many pictures can make your blog more difficult to read.

You Are Not Using Alt Tags

Alt tags are HTML attributes applied to image tags to provide a text alternative of that image for search engines. Using keywords or headings as your alt tags can help you to improve rankings and get more traffic.

Too Long Meta Description

The Meta description is a snippet which summarizes blog content. Search engines are showing the meta description in search results and good meta description can help to attract more traffic.

Write short and captivating meta descriptions no longer than 160 characters. Always try to use your keyword in your meta description too.

You Are Not Using Links

Use internal and external links in your post. Internal links will lead your visitors to your other posts and external links will lead them to different authority websites, as for example, it could be Wikipedia.

Using links will help you to rank in search engines and get more traffic because Google will look at your post as more helpful and sharing additional information with people. Also, it will direct more traffic from your one post to another.

However, do not use too many links, because Google and people don’t like when blog owner is forcing too many links in their pots and instead of increasing your traffic, you might lose it.

You Are Not Using Keywords

You must use your targeted keyword in your blog for higher rankings. Always try to use your Keyword in your blog title, first paragraph and few more times somewhere in your blog. However, your keywords must feel natural and not forced.

Do not use too many keywords, because search engines are not stupid and will notice that you are trying to rank higher by forcing and repeating your keyword too often and will punish you for that by ranking you even lower, which will, obviously, have a negative effect on your traffic.

There are a lot more reasons and mistakes which can affect your traffic, but these are the most common reasons why a blog is not getting traffic. Fix as many mistakes as possible and very soon you will notice increased traffic in your blog. Most important is to stay patient and work hard always improving your blog and learning from your mistakes.

We hope that this article on why your blog is not getting traffic give you the information you needed on how to increase organic traffic for your blog/website.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of

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  1. Reply

    Hi Mario, great post for newbie bloggers! It is so had these days to get ranked in google but all your tips are on point. I’ve been blogging for 2 years now and I’m still learning; I guess that never stops huh?

    One of the biggest issues I am dealing with at the moment is my site speed on mobile. I’ve had to go really in-depth to find out why it is so slow, and things are getting way more techy than I am used to but it just has to be done otherwise I will never make top pages.

    The thing I have the biggest problem with is posting as much as I would like. A post takes me about 1 1/2 days to do and I already work full-time so that’s my one obstacle. I read a lot of Neil Patel’s SEO blogs and he says that going over old content and freshening it up is just as important (if not more) than writing new content, so bear that in mind too.

    • Marius


      Hi Stefanie, thank you for reading my post. I totally agree with you, site speed is very important and not so easy to achieve. Try to use as less complicated plugins as possible for your site too, because plugins slow down site speed a lot. Yes I’m working full time too and it is very hard to write and post new content sometimes, it requires really hard work and effort.
      I’m following Neil Patel too and I know about refreshing old content too and this is something I need to look into it more and that is something I have to improve, but like you said it is just an endless learning curve, we just have to keep learning and improving, to become successful.

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