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Working from home might seem like a dream job for us, but very often we don’t realise that Staying Motivated When Working Staying Motivated When Working from Homefrom Home can be very challenging. In this post, we want to share 12 effective tips for staying motivated when working from home.

We are using all these methods ourselves and can promise that they are very effective and can help you not just stay motivated, but to increase your productivity. Let’s dive deeper into each method and see why and how they can help you stay motivated and increase your productivity.

Write Down Your Goals

Always write down your daily, monthly and yearly goals, otherwise, it is very easy to lose track of what you have to achieve in the set timeframe. As an example, if you are a blogger writing a blog post could be your daily goal. Your monthly goal could be an increased amount of visitors on your website or rank on the first page of Google. A yearly goal could be to have a certain amount of blogs posted or money earned, or customers made.

Setting your goals are very important to stay on track and keep your motivation and productivity at a high level. Because if you don’t have any set goals to achieve, you won’t give your best to achieve them.

Use a Stick Notes

Using stick notes can be very helpful because it is very easy to forget to look at your notebook with goals. Write each day goals on a stick note and place it somewhere you could see it early in the morning, bedside table, fridge, your home office desk, wherever you feel is best for you to find it.

Stick note will remind you what must be done today and won’t let you get lazy and forget that you have work to do.

Take Breaks

Research shows that the human brain is most productive to work in smaller chunks of time. Try to have small breaks every Take a breakhour and don’t work longer than three hours, because your productivity will decrease drastically. Take an hour break, have a tea and some food if you worked 3 hours in a row.

Another scientific research says that most productive hours when our brain works most efficiently is generally between 10 am to 2 pm and then again from 4 pm to 10 pm.

The lowest brain productivity is between 4 am and 7 am so do not wake up too early to start your work. However, do not sleep to long ether and try to have your breakfast and be ready for work around 10 am.

Eliminate Distractions

Most of the people get very easily distracted and can waste many hours on social media or web browsing even without realising that.

Before starting your work, close all unnecessary browsing tabs (leave just ones you need for work). Close all social media, do not reply to unrelated to work calls and messages, ask people who are living with you do not disturb you while you are working.

Distractions are one of the main reason which disturbs people motivation and productivity. Once you start browsing on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube it might be too hard for you to get back to work.

Set a Timer

The timer can be a very powerful tool to keep you motivated and productive. Set a time limit for a task you must complete, Set a timergive yourself less time than you usually would give. Set your timer for 30 minutes if the task takes you 1 hour to complete. Eliminate all distractions as we talked before, start your timer and get to work!

You might be very surprised how motivated you’ll be to complete the task before that timer runs out. Imagine that is a challenge which you must complete.

Timer increased our motivation and productivity massively, post which used to take me all day to write takes me a couple of hours now.

You can find many timers online, just search it on Google or find the timer we use here.

Set up Your Home Office

The nice working environment can increase your motivation a lot because working in a bed or kitchen might be very hard for some people and they very often lose concentration and motivation.

Set up your home office, buy a chair and desk and set up your working environment. Keep only work-related stuff on your desk like pc, notes, and pen etc.  Do not forget to have your stick notes with goals written on them on your working desk.

The statistic shows that people who have their cosy home office set up are more motivated, productive and successful than those who don’t have their working space.

Follow a Sleeping Routine

Following sleeping routine is very important to keep you motivated. You are more likely to be demotivated if you go to sleep very late at night and wake up too late. Research shows that the most productive hours for deep sleep are between 10 pm and 12 am. Try to go sleep no later than 11 pm and wake up by 7 am to get most of your sleep and feel fresh in the morning.

We can promise that if you follow this sleeping routine all the time you will increase your motivation and productivity. You will feel a lot better in the morning and it will be much easier to start your working day in the morning.

Use Productivity Apps or Software

Productivity apps can give you reminders about tasks you must complete for each day and keep track of it. We are using “Goal tracker” app where you can set time and date to complete tasks for each week. The app will send you a reminder that you have to complete your task.

Productivity apps are great to keep you motivated and won’t let you forget the work you must complete each day.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself, you deserved it! Reward yourself if you complete all your work and tasks you planned for the week. Have a Reward Yourselfnice meal, visit places you love, spend some time with your friends or go to the cinema. Choose a reward which will make you happy and give you a break from work you’ve done.

However, do not reward yourself if you fail to complete your goals of the week. Opposite, give yourself some extra work, clean the house or do something you don’t like that much.

This technique will help you to keep motivated and working hard, so at the end of your working week, you can get a nice reward for your hard work.

Get Some Fresh Air

It can be very hard staying motivated when working from home if it is lovely weather outside. Work in the garden or find a nice and quiet place in the park to do your work if possible. Sun and oxygen can increase your brain productivity and keep you motivated to complete the work.

You will see, sometimes to keep that motivation it is very good to change the environment and work in the fresh air. Also, outside your home office, you most likely will get fewer distractions and work could be completed much faster.


Sometimes it is very hard to concentrate as we have a million thoughts in our minds and just can stay focused on the work we do. Meditation can be a great solution to clear your mind, get rid of all negative thoughts and increase your motivation.

There are hundreds of meditation exercises on YouTube, try to pick something you like and meditate before getting to work. Best time for meditation is first thing in the morning when you get out of the bed.

Choose a Background Noise

For some people, background noise can create a distraction, but for others, it can be very helpful to keep their concentration and motivation in place.

Try to play some music or ocean sounds in the background. Or play anything that works best for you and can increase that motivation and concentration for work you are doing.


These are our proven and working methods for staying motivated when working from home. Try them out and pick the ones which work best for you and do not forget to use them all the time to keep that motivation going.

Maybe you have more tips that work for you and helps you to keep you motivated? Please share them with us in the comment section below. And if you ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of


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  1. Reply

    I found this article very helpful for me. I didn’t realize we shouldn’t work longer than 3 hours! It makes sense because generally after 4 I am pooped and useless lol. I really like the idea of setting a timer! Good stuff!

    • Marius


      Exactly Melissa, many research shows that our brain can’t work at full capacity for longer than 3 hours and our productivity goes downhill so it is very important to take breaks. And I highly recommend trying timer out and you might be surprised how effective it might be.

    • Marius


      It is very true, hopefully you found some of the tips in this article useful and they will help you in staying motivated! All the best Tracey.

  2. Reply

    Great tips here, I work from home editing films everyday and I’ve developed a few of these habits already, so its great to see that they are efficient. I could probably take a few more breaks though. Thanks for sharing!

    • Marius


      Thank you Chawn, I’m happy that you found my post interesting and already applying some of these tips when working from home. Breaks definitely can improve our productivity and keep us motivated, so don’t forget to take the breaks you need when you are feeling tired or your productivity and motivation decrease.

  3. Reply

    You have just reminded me that while I have daily goals, a 1 year goal and a 5 year goal – I am missing weekly and monthly! I will make an effort to get this done asap! Also, setting a timer is a great idea as I can have one task go on for much longer than it should take me. Setting up a home office would be good but my husband has the only desk in the house and there’s no room for another one so the settee it is for me.

    I really enjoyed this post. Will keep a look out for more.

    Many thanks,


    • Marius


      Thanks Jean, I’m glad you have enjoyed my article. It is great that you already have set your yearly goals, but setting monthly, weekly or even daily goals are very important to keep that motivation and productivity on the right track. Setting a timer up is a very powerful tool as well and I can’t recommend it enough! Sorry to hear that you don’t have space to set up your home office, but as long as you can get work done on the settee, why not?

  4. Reply

    Great article Marius. Topical so very on point these days. Great website overall. I’m not sure how long you’ve been at it or what sort of tech experience you bring to the table but your site looks really good in terms of content and layout as well. I’m very new to this but I now have website envy!!

    • Marius


      Thank you so much Jason, I’m happy that you enjoyed my article and like the site, people like you keep me motivated and work even harder to make this site and content even better each day! All the best in developing your own website.

  5. Reply

    Hi Marius,

    Thanks for these 12 ways to staying motivated for WFH employees around the globe. I do find #4 Eliminate Distractions is something I need to improve myself when I work for my website, and the best way I find is to leave my smartphone in another room other than my working desk. In that case, I won’t spend so much time surfing on Facebook/Instagram, Amazon, or YouTube.

    I also combine #1 Write Down Your Goals & #9 Reward Yourself together once I achieve my goals, which makes me feel like a child when I treat myself.

    However, there are some times I cannot focus on things I need to complete for that day. I would go taking a 20-minute nap then wake up to keep myself working. Taking a nap resonates with your #3 Take breaks. : – )


    • Marius


      Hi Matt, I’m happy that you enjoyed reading my post and that you already actually applying those tips to work on your own website. One of my favourites is to eliminate distractions as well as it helps me to be a lot more productive and motivated. I think that is a great idea to combine your goals together with reward yourself, as when you achieve your goal, you know that you deserved a reward. I really like to use a timer too as it improves my focus and productivity a lot too.

  6. Reply

    Staying motivated when working from home probably is one of the most difficult things for someone starting a home business to do, you have provided excellent tips but how do you stay motivated when you are not making any money when first starting a business online?


    • Marius


      Exactly Jeff, it is not easy at all, that’s why I decided to share these tips to help people for staying motivated when working from home. It’s a very good question, I guess the best way is to set your mindset and be prepared that it might take a long time until people start earning money. We have to set our goals and follow them.

      Try to learn something new every day, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what is working best for you. And most importantly never give up after a failure. All successful people failed many times before they succeeded. You have to learn from your mistakes, make adjustments and keep going no matter what. That is the only way to be successful!

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