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When you starting an online business, it doesn’t matter if it is a shop or blog in your chosen niche, you will have to create your own brand to build more trust within your online or offline visitors. The best way to do that is to have your own brand logo. We want to share with you How to Create a Website Logo for Free.

The logo is a combination between text and visual picture or symbol to make your own brand unique and get instant consumer recognition for your company. In simple words, logos are the “Face” of business. Logo can be a very important piece for your business and can help to make your brand more memorable and attractive to people.

The logo history is very old and we can find that people used logos in coats of arms, and watermarks thousands of years ago. But in business era logos design began in the 19th century as the industrial revolution converted western societies and arts were expanding.

Humans are visually driven and it is a lot easier for us to remember visuals than texts. Your website content and design are most important for successful online business, but the logo is extremely important too and can be the “icing on the cake”.

Many studies and researches have shown that visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text! Words and text are processed by short-term memory and visuals and symbols by long-term memory. Try to imagine how many times it is easier and faster for people to remember and recognize your brand if you have a well designed and attractive logo.

What logo should you choose?

It is very important to ensure that your logo is making a positive impression on visitors, clients and potential future clients. That is why you have to put lots of effort and try to create a very attractive and memorable logo to represent your business.

If you don’t know what logo choose for your business you have to consider these points before making a decision on how your logo should look like.

Decide what type of logo you want to create

Wordmarks – a freestanding word or multi-letter abbreviation as for example IBM, Google.

Letter Marks – Logos are of a single letter as example McDonald’s, Uber.

Pictorial – illustrated symbols of recognizable things as for example Twitter, Starbucks.

Abstract – logos don’t represent anything recognizable as example Adidas, Nike.

It doesn’t matter what type of logo you will use, symbols, wordmarks, letter marks or emblems as long as your logo is visual, attractive, well designed and represent your business. All types of logos aim are to do one thing: give memorability and create loyal customers who recognize and trust your brand.

Your logo should provide an immediate sense of what your company is all about.

The logo color choice is very important, try to choose different colors from your biggest competitors, so you can stand out from them more.

Fonts and colors can inspire various emotions, think what fonts and colors could fit in your business niche most.

Should you design your logo yourself or hire a graphic designer?

We wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on graphic designers if you just starting your business or trying to scale it because it can be very expensive. Create a logo on your own for free or very cheap. There are many websites out there which you can use to create a logo.

Once you start earning enough money and scaling your business you can always change or improve your logo by hiring a graphic designer.

You should display your logo everywhere, on your ad campaigns, website, business cards, social media, car, t-shirt, the more people will see your brand the better.

The biggest mistake is to create your logo very similar to your competitors’ logos. Even if your logo slightly similar to your competitor logo, customers might not be able to tell you apart.

There are plenty of websites which are designed to help people create logos, some of them are paid and some free. We have tried many websites for creating a logo, but we think that best free website we have used to create our logo is

Canva is a graphic design website founded in 2012. It uses drag and drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, fonts and graphics. It also gives you a big variety of free photos, fonts and graphics, however, some of them are paid.

With Canva you can create any design task you need such as:

  • Album, book and magazine covers.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Photo collages.
  • All type of document designs.
  • Postcards, tickets, wedding invitations, event programs.
  • Business cards, flyers, brochures, labels, logos, posters, restaurant menus.
  • Calendars, schedules.
  • Social media and email headers.

You will be able to upload your own pictures into Canva and save your finished projects in all most popular formats.

We would highly recommend trying Canva out and learning how to use it. Canva is very user-friendly and easy to use, which can make your logo designing job a lot easier and faster.

Creating a Logo using Canva

Now we want to show you quick step by step guide how easy and fast you can create a logo using Canva platform.

First, open website.

Sign up to Canva or login using your Google or Facebook account.

Now you will see the main screen. On create a design section find a logo or any other design you want to create and press on it and this page will open.

Creating a logo using Canva

You will see the main function buttons on the left:


Here you can choose from many FREE and PAID templates for your logo. Choose templates by categories such as Business, Food, Fashion, Fitness or by typing any idea in the search bar. Customize your templates by deleting or adding Elements, Fonts, changing colors and size.

Canva templates


Add elements to your logo, there are FREE and PAID elements to choose from as well. Choose from deferent categories and types of elements or you can use the search box and search for any element or item you want. Add multiple elements to your logo and change their size, color and place on your logo.

Canva Elements


Also you can add different styles of text to your logo. Same as templates and element there are FREE and PAID font styles. Add heading, subheading or body text, change their font styles, colors, place and direction on your logo. The best thing about the text that you can
see a preview of how each text style looks like before selecting it. There is a search bar as well to search font styles.

Canva text


You can choose from many PAID and FREE backgrounds to your logo. We think that it is best to make your logo background the same colour as your website background.

Canva Background


In the upload section, you will find all designed and saved logos and other projects, you can access and edit them any time.

Canva Uploads


Create folders to help find different style of your projects easier. It can be very helpful when you will have lots of finished and ongoing projects.

How to Create a Website Logo for Free


With more function, you can add YouTube videos links, emoji, pictures from your social media, GIFS to your logo or other project for FREE.

How to Create a Website Logo for Free

  • The first step to create your own logo would be to choose the template which you like and it suits your niche.
  • The second Step, remove any unnecessary elements or text from your chosen template and change template colors to ones you like and think they suit your niche and brand.
  • The third step is to add any elements or pictures you want in your logo. Customize picture colors, location on your logo.
  • The fourth step is to add text on your logo. It might be first or few letters of your brand name or full name, or maybe company motto. Choose what you think suits your business best. Also customize font size, style, color and location on your logo for your needs.
  • The fifth step is to add a background to your logo. We personally don’t like to use a background as you want your logo to be minimalistic and look professional. If your website background color is not white we would suggest adding the same background color as your website background color to your logo.
  • The final step is to download your design logo to your computer. Just press on download box at the top right and choose your preferred file format and click on download.

How to Create a Website Logo for Free

Job done, you have now created your own and unique logo using Canva and saved it to your computer.

Remember that with paid Canva version you can access millions more of pictures, designs, elements, transparent backgrounds. You will be able to resize your graphics, animate your designs and more.

Final thoughts

We hope that our article on how to create a website logo for free was helpful and gave you the information you needed. Also, we hope that you get more familiar with Canva and how to create a logo using this platform very quick and easy. Using the same guide you can create any other type of design, such as business cards, posters and etc. The editor tool looks the same and has the same functionality.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of


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    Hi, thanks so much for this. I’m in need of a logo right now, and was thinking of paying a graphic designer. Having read your article, I’m inspired to try making one for myself!

    • Marius


      Hello Judy, you are welcome and I’m happy that you found my article helpful. Definitely try to create a logo yourself it’s not as difficult as it might look like and Canva just makes it even easier and straight forward! All the best with creating your website Logo.

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