Have you tried to change font colour for all your blogs, but have no idea how to do it? Recently we have posted a tutorial on how to Change Font size in WordPress and this time we want to continue our WordPress tutorials and explain to you How to Change Font Colour in WordPress changing it for all your article at once.

We also show you how to change the font colour for each article separately, talk about the importance of font colour and what mistakes people are making when choosing the font colour. We will show you easy, step by step instructions so everyone from beginners to an expert could follow them without any difficulties.

Why it is Important to Change the Font Colour in WordPress?

Font colour same as font size can affect conversions. According to a study the best conversion rates have black font colour on white background.

Too bright or too toneless font colours are hard to read and if your reader will find your font size hard to read they will leave your site and most likely never come back. You have to find that sweet spot for ideal font colour, but our recommendation, without a doubt, is black font colour.

Mistakes People Making When Choosing a Font Size

Most Common Mistakes People are making When Choosing a Font Size Are:

Too bright or too toneless font size – using too bright or too toneless font colours is a common mistake people are making. Ask yourself a question. Would you read an article if font size would very bright, that it would start hurting your eyes after a few minutes of reading it? Probably no, and that is the answer to what your readers will think too.

If the font is hard to read, wherever font colour is too bright or too toneless, people won’t read it and would not recommend your website to their friends. After changing the font colour on your website it is the best to test your article readability. Try to read it yourself or ask your friends for an opinion.

Too many font colours in one article – some people are using too many font colours in one article and that isn’t a good choice. Studies have shown that one font colour in your article is most likely to get the best response.

How to Change the Font Colour in WordPress Dashboard?

It is very easy to change the Font colour in your WordPress dashboard, all you have to do is log in into your dashboard and open the post you want to edit.

Then highlight the text you want to change font Colour and press on a letter A pop-up menu as shown in the picture below to choose your desired font colour.

How to Change Font Colour in WordPress

That’s it, it is very easy and straight forward, but you have to change the font colour for every post separately.

How to Change the Font size in WordPress for All Articles using CSS?

This is a more advanced way of changing a font colour, but using this method have one great advantage. You can change the font colour for all your articles at once. Let’s have a look at our step by step instructions on how to change the font colour in WordPress using CSS coding.

First of all, go to your website and open one of your articles using Google Chrome (it might work on another browser, but we found Google Chrome works best for us). Then press the right mouse button on any word in one of your paragraphs and press inspect (do not do press it on headings and subheadings, because you will change the font colour of your subheading then).

For changing your headings or subheadings font colour press right mouse button on them and choose inspect.

How to Change Font Colour in WordPress

The extra window will open on the right-hand side and you have to find body section and color.

Then in that section, where is your font size press on style.css.

How to Change Font Colour in WordPress

An extra window will open again showing you in which line the code with your font size is in your WordPress website code. You have to remember which line it is.

How to Change Font Colour in WordPress

Once you have done that go to your WordPress dashboard again. Press on Appearance and Theme Editor.

How to Change Font Colour in WordPress

Window with your websites code will open. Find the line you had to remember with your font colour settings. In our case, it was a line 23. In the font colour section change your font colour code depending on what colour you want your font size to be. We found that font code #000000 for black font colour works best.

Changing colour using CSS

Here you can find more font colour codes for WordPress.

Save the changes and that’s done. Your font size changed for all articles. You can’t see the changes? When you go on your website open history window by pressing CTRL + H. Press on clear browsing data.

Clear browsing data

Press Advanced and tick the box next to Cached images and files and press clear data.

All done. Refresh your browser and now you are able to see font size changes on your website.

Key Facts

  • Font colours can affect conversions.
  • According to studies, black font on a white background is most readable and have the best conversion rates.
  • Most common mistakes for choosing font colour are too many font colours in an article and font colour is too bright or too toneless.
  • There are two main ways on how to change your font colour: one way is using your WordPress dashboard article edit tool and another is editing your CSS code.


These were our step by step instructions on How to Change the Font colour in WordPress. Follow them and you will change your font colour quick and easy. You can use this method to make any changes on your website.

However, making any changes on your website using CSS and changing the code in the wrong place, potentially you can break your website or you can make changes you didn’t want to change.

We recommend you to back up your WordPress website before doing any CSS changes, especially if you not familiar with CSS.

We hope this article gave you the information you needed and ideas on how to change the font colour in WordPress. You ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of howtoquit9to5job.com

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  1. Reply

    I love sites that give you a step by step with CSS. I am new to blogging, and I did not realize I would need to know coding too. This post on who to change my for colour has been a lifesaver. My blog is looking spiffy now thanks to you. I am definitely bookmarking this page, that way when I have any questions on WordPress I can quickly get back here. Thank you for taking the time to create these easy to follow steps.

    • Ndidi


      Hi Dovey, when I have started blogging I had no idea that I have to learn to code too. But the good news is, that basic coding to make some changes on your website is not that complicated how it might look like. That’s why I wanted to create simple and easy to follow step by step instructions on how to change the font color. I’m very happy that you found this post helpful.

  2. Reply

    Great article. It really broke down the steps to take on how to change the font colors in WordPress. I believe that this one post alone will save me a lot of time and energy making this change as I develop my new website out. Very helpful. Thank you

    • Ndidi


      Thank you, Bill. Changing font colors on WordPress is not that complicated. I thought that people who don’t know anything about CSS would find this post helpful, because by following these instructions you can change font color for all your posts and you don’t have to do it one by one, which can save a lot of time, especially if you have many posts on your website. Happy that you found my post helpful.

  3. Reply

    This was very informative. You gave some awesome practical tips for the beginner and even the more advanced with your CSS example. I think many new bloggers try to make their websites too cute and do not have the reader in mind.

    As they learn more it is my hope that they take your advice here. I guess it depends if they are blogging for a hobby or as a business but either way you are not going to have anyone visit your site more than once if it is not a good user experience and font colors is a huge part of that.

    Great advice you have provided and something that should be a part of training for all bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ndidi


      Thank you for reading my post Nate. Yes, I wanted to share both options on changing font colors, which could be useful for beginners and more advanced WordPress users. I can agree with you Nate, I’ve seen so many sites where people trying to make them look pretty, but it actually very hard and annoying to read posts on that kind of website. So I thought I want to share not just how to change the font color, but explain people what font colors work the best and have best conversion rates.

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