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You probably are familiar with WordPress already if you are reading this post. WordPress is a very powerful tool for creating your dream website and we want to show you how to change the menu in WordPress site just under 5 minutes. Yes, it’s that simple and we will give you easy to follow step by step instructions on how to do that.

Also, you can read our article What is WordPress Dashboard if you want to learn about other WordPress features and how to use them.

And now let’s get started and change our WordPress site menu!

Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard

First, you must log in into your WordPress dashboard. In the WordPress dashboard, you can make any type of customization to your site. You can edit and write new posts, add or remove plugins and widgets, customize your menus and site design, etc.

This is your workshop for making any changes to your site.

Where Can I Change the Menu in WordPress?

Once you logged into the WordPress dashboard find Appearance
and click on Menus.

Where Can I Change the Menu in WordPress

There you will be able to see your current menu structure and make adjustments or create new menus from a scratch.

Menu Structure

To create a new menu just click on create a new menu.

Create a new menu

Give it a name and press Create Menu. That’s it, all done, now you just have to customize your menu structure.

How to Switch Between Created Menus

If you have one than more menu created you can switch between them in Select a Menu to Edit field and by pressing Select. That way you can edit each menu individually.

Select a Menu to Edit

Selecting a Menu for Your WordPress Site

To select a menu you want to use for your site press on Manage Locations, select the menu you want to use for your WordPress site and click on Save Changes.

Selecting a Menu for Your WordPress Site

Adding Menu Items (Buttons) to Your WordPress

Adding menu items to your WordPress Menu is very simple. In Add Menu Items field choose what item do you want to add. It can be posts, pages, custom links or categories. But first, you must have some post, pages or categories created.

Tick the box of the item you want to add to your menu and press Add to Menu.

How to change menu in WordPress

Changing Menu Items Order in WordPress

To change menu item order in WordPress simply click an item of which order you want to change and holding your left mouse button drag it in the place you want it. The menu order in WordPress dashboard is from top to bottom and equals from left to the right in your WordPress site.

Changing Items Order

Changing Items Name in WordPress Menu

In Menu Structure field press on the arrow in the right-hand side of the item which name you want to change.

How to change menu in WordPress

Then in Navigation Label field write the name you want for your menu item.

How to change menu in WordPress

Adding a Home Button in Your WordPress Menu

To add a Home button to your WordPress menu press on Custom Links and in URL field type in your website address.

Adding a Home Button

Add it to your WordPress menu and change item name to Home. Now in your site, you have a home button and if someone clicks on it, they will get on the main page of your site. We think that every site should have a home button as it makes your website a lot easier to navigate, but unfortunately, some people forget about it.

Adding Submenus in WordPress

In the picture below you can see how submenu look like if you are not sure what it is. In simple words, it is a drop-down menu.

Drop Down Menu

In the Menu Structure choose the items you want as your subcategories and holding the left mouse button drag them to the right-hand side as shown in the picture below.

How to change menu in WordPress

Removing Menu Items from WordPress

In Menu Structure field press on the arrow in the right-hand side of the item which you want to delete from your WordPress menu. Press Remove button to delete the item you don’t want.

Removing Item from WordPress menu

Adding Links to Your WordPress Menu

Adding links to your website menu is the same as we added a Home
button. All you have to do is press on Custom Links and in URL
field copy any link you want. Then add it to your WordPress menu and name it as you wish.Adding links to your WordPress Menu

Changing Location of Your WordPress Menu

Some WordPress templates give you an option to change the location of your WordPress menu. To check if you can change menu location press on Manage Locations button.

Manage Locations

There you will see all options available for your WordPress menu. As an example, our theme has an option to place a menu in Pre-Header, Header and Footer. Simply choose the location you want for your menu.

Changing Location of Your WordPress Menu

Header location is the most commonly used place for menu, which is at the top of your site. Footer is also very common and is at the bottom of your site.

In our site, we are using both Header and Footer locations for our menus. But we have created two different menus for each. You can see the examples of our Header and Footer menus below.

Header Menu

Header Menu

Footer Menu

Footer Menu

Video Tutorial

Here you can find our video tutorial on how to change the menu in WordPress if you are a more visual person. Hope that you will enjoy the video tutorial and will find it helpful.


This is it! Now you have learned all the steps and have a good knowledge of how to change the menu in WordPress. Also, you have learned how to create subcategories, add Home button and links to your WordPress menu. Hopefully, you found this guide easy to understand and follow.

Let us know if you liked this tutorial and would you like more tutorials and guides about WordPress? Please leave us a comment below with your suggestions and we will try to create more guides.

And as always If you ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of

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  1. Gary


    Thanks for your explanation which helps me to understand wordpress more. You also add an additional video explanation. Thanks for your consideration. Very much appreciated.

    • Marius


      Your welcome Gary, I’m happy that you found this article helpful. In near future, I’m planning to do a lot more guides with video tutorials on how to use WordPress and create an amazing website!

  2. Reply

    Hey Marius! Awesome breakdown of info! I used to be a complete novice at this but instructive posts like yours are incredibly helpful. I agree with Gary above, the video is a great bonus feature! Thanks, Laura tenPas

    • Marius


      Hi Laura, I’m glad that you found my article helpful if you’ll keep learning every day you’ll become an expert very soon. It’s not that hard to get hang of WordPress. Yeah, I have realized that many people prefer videos over posts so I will try to make videos of WordPress tutorials too. I’m very new at making videos so hopefully, it’s not too bad and easy enough to follow it. But I will definitely get better at creating videos, everything will come with practice.

  3. Kevin


    Well explained there Marius, Iliked the way you broke it down into bite sized chunks it makes it easy to follow along and kudos on the video that was very well explained as well.

    • Marius


      Thank you Kevin, I’m glad that you found my post easy to follow and understand. I was trying to make it as easy as possible to follow for people who don’t have any technical knowledge. More tutorials like that are coming out it the future.

  4. Reply

    Wow, I found this to be a simple straight forward break down of info, i like your easy way of explaining things, you just reminded me of my best grade 8 teacher ever he would give you his opinion as if its yours and make things as clear as possible for you. Thanks so muchh. I will use your site sas a resousrce from now on.

    • Marius


      Thank you so much Vika, I’m really glad that you found this article easy to follow and helpful. I liked your comparison with a teacher as myself had at school had a horrible maths teacher which was so bad at explaining things, so I know how important it is to explain things for people in easiest way possible, especially who doesn’t have any technical knowledge. Thank you for reading my post.

    • Marius


      Hi Lory,

      Sorry for the slow reply, I was very busy recently. Where do you want to add your icons, to the website menu or the post? Do you want them to be clickable? The short answer is it’s possible, but I need to know more details to give you an answer how. Let me know and I get back to you!

  5. Reply

    For 5 days I was stuck at a single page. Really you have just opened it, bro. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    • admin


      I’m extremely happy that you found my post helpful! You are very welcome, if you need any help, just let me know anytime!

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