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Always dreamed of building your website or blog, but had no idea how to do it? Though that building your website requires financial investment and good IT skills? WRONG!!! Building a website or blog can be easier than you ever thought and you don’t have to invest lots of money or have a good IT skill to do that.

All you must do is follow these simple steps to learn How to Build Your Website for Free. Don’t waste any more time and let’s get started!

What Is The Best Platform for Building a Website?

We are personally using WordPress, but there are many more website building platforms out there and we want to introduce you to our top 3 choices for building a website for free.

WordPressWhat Is The Best Platform for Building a Website

WordPress is very simple to use and one of the most popular platforms for building your website or blog. More than 33% of the websites are created and powered by WordPress. It means that one in four websites that you visit is very likely created with WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system which allows anyone to use it for free and makes very easy to manage an important aspect of your website, like content, design, menus, and pictures without having any programming or IT skills at all. It’s very flexible, secure and rich in features platform which can help you to build almost any type of website.

Also, it is great for more advanced people because you can install third-party apps, access website coding and grow your website to a lot more advanced and personal to you.

WordPress has created a tool to build a blog website, but over the years WordPress improved drastically and thanks to thousands of Themes and Plugins nowadays you can create any type of website with WordPress.

If you want to learn everything about WordPress read our article Is WordPress the Best Website Builder here.


WIX is used by more than 100 million people across 190 countries. It’s an affordable and easy way of creating your website in a matter of minutes. Same as WordPress, WIX allows you to fully create and customize your website without any coding or IT skills.

Over 500 templates will give you a choice to create a website no matter what your niche is.

Our main cons on the WIX are:

  • You can’t change your template after your website goes live.
  • The huge amount of customisable options can be very overwhelming.
  • You may have to spend more on third-party apps to scale your website.

But despite these negatives, we still think that WIX worth trying out.

Site 123

Site123 provides you with everything you need to get started and grow your website. With Site123 you can create a website in any niche from sports and photography to business, online store or blog.

You’ll be able to choose different templates, change layouts, edit fonts and colours and it is great for people with basic needs. Unfortunately, if you wish to grow your website bigger and make it more advanced, Site123 has design limitations and doesn’t allow you to extend it through the third-party apps or access to website code or HTML.

Site 123 is still a great choice for beginners who just want to warm their feet and learn basic website building, but it’s very limited for people who want to create more advanced websites.

How to Build Your Website for Free?

To build your website for free, you must register with one of our mentioned or your favourite website building platforms and start from there.

You will need to:

  • Pick a niche for your site
  • Come up with website name
  • Choose your website domain name
  • Work on your site Design
  • Create high-quality content
  • Set up your website for Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Pick a Niche for Your Site

First, you must consider and very carefully choose what type of website (niche) you want to build. Is it going to be a blog, How to Build Your Website for Freeonline shop, photography, travelling, fitness, food or other?

We HIGHLY recommend choosing something you love doing and could become an expert at. Growing a successful website requires posting new, high-quality content constantly. The more often you post, better your chances are to get more traffic (readers, customers, followers).

Consider what subject you would like to talk, what is your passion, what about you would like to learn and share your knowledge with other people?

To be able of creating high-quality content on the daily bases it must be something you are passionate about. Also, it will build a lot more trust between you and your visitors if you will be an expert in your niche. You’ll be able to help people, answer their questions, write quality articles, give your readers suggestions and advice.

It doesn’t mean that you must be an expert in the niche you choose, but you are willing to become an expert. Remember none of us has born an expert in something, but all of us can become an expert at something we love doing.

Think About Your Website Name

Second, you must pick a name for your website, which will be the face of your business and that’s how people are going to website name

recognise you. Our advice to choose a website name related to your niche. You can’t just choose a fitness niche and call your website something like “Travelling with John”. It wouldn’t make sense and people wouldn’t like it, which would reflect in lower-traffic and conversions.

Other very important advice is to check are domains with your website name are free and there are no other websites with the same name. Also, your domain name should be very similar or the same as your website/business name. To learn how to check for available domains and buy them keep reading.

And third, try to come up with a memorable and captivating name. You will get a lot more visitors if your website name will be easy to remember, interesting and catch people attention.

Choose a Domain for Your Site

Once you picked website a name, you must choose your domain name ( which ideally should be the same or very similar to your site/business name. Domain names will cost you around 14$ p/year depending on what extension you’ll choose .com; .net; .org or other. We would recommend choosing .com or .net extensions as they are most popular and trusted but have in mind that those domains might be slightly more expensive.

You can check on available domain names and buy them here is great because it will tell you if your domain is taken and give you suggestions with available domain names. With you can make an offer and buy a domain name from the person who owns your favourite domain name.

Also, if you want just to try building a website on your own and see if that’s something for you, register on Wealthy Affiliate platform for FREE. You will receive 10 FREE lessons on how to start building your website, two FREE domain names with extension and WordPress builder with few free templates.

It’s not great if you want to build a very personal and successful website, but it is a great way to practice and have a look if that’s something for you.

How to Build Your Website For Free

To learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer read our Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Website Design

After choosing your website/business name and buying a domain it is time to think about website design and how you would like your site to look like. We have listed for major steps you have to take when working on-site design.Website Design

Choose a Template

First, choose a template which would represent your niche. All websites we suggested above have many templates to choose from and are grouped into categories like business, beauty, fashion, fitness and others.

Your template should be clean and simple. From our experience and research, we can say that minimalistic templates and black font on a white background works the best and attracts more readers.

Pick your site layout

Set your website layout. Think where your menu, articles and any other things you want to add should go. Make it easy to understand and intuitive for people to use because too complicated layouts and menus scare people off.

You can check out your favourites websites and have a look at those sites layouts to come up with some ideas.

Remember that not all templates allow to change the layout, check if a template you like will let you do that. Maybe your favourite template already has a perfect layout for you, and it won’t be necessary to change it.

Create custom menus

Create a custom menu, add categories or titles that suits you, because default menus can be not very comprehensive. As an example for our site, we added categories like reviews, about us page, contact page, because all we had by default was home and posts.

Install Third-Party Apps

WordPress and WIX allow you to install third-party apps and we suggest using this feature because it can help you to build a bigger, more professional looking website.

You can install apps like social media, SEO tools, image optimisation, review forms, editor, pretty links and many more.

For us, the must-have apps are SEO tool, which can help you to increase your rankings and get more visitors and social media plugin, which helps people to follow your site on social media after one click.

Create a High-Quality Content

And the most important is to write high-quality content. Don’t write just to write something, do research, be helpful, give people good information, solve problems, make people trust you and believe that you know what you are talking about. That way you’ll build trust with your readers and they will come back.

Get Your Site Ready for Search Engines

Once you have some quality content on your website you must get your site ready for search engines, which means your site will be recognized by Google and come up in the search when someone uses your keyword.

Add your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics to increase the number of visitors and be able to track all stats about your site like a number of visitors, what articles are most popular, what keywords are ranking best and much more.

Step by step guide on how to add a site to Google Search Console.


Follow these steps and will build your website for free. Remember that it requires lots of hard work and dedication to build and maintain a successful website. Never stop if you don’t get the results you want. Work hard, learn from your mistakes, make adjustments and keep improving your site until it becomes successful.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of

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