On this blog, we want to explain to you  What is The Right Mindset for Success find and talk about 7 ways how to change your mindset. We always wonder what have other people done to become so successful, how did they achieve their success, what sets us apart from them. We think that it’s probably because of their intelligence, their willingness to take a risk or their creative minds, but although those are partly the reason of their success, science has actually discovered that success is more than those qualities.

According to psychologists Carol Dweck and many others’ success is achieved by having the right mindset. You see people who have achieved success have done this by having the right mindset and by believing they could grow as personality. The reason that people who don’t achieve success is because they are thinking that the only way to achieve success it’s through their ability and talents. This is also known as a fixed mindset.

It is always possible to change the way you view yourself and your mindset for success and we want to teach you how to do that. Let’s have a look at What is the right Mindset for Success and how to achieve the right mindset.

Think of Your Mindset as Your Inner VoiceThe right mindset for success

Your mindset is the inner voice you hear every time you ask yourself a question. It’s the way you talk to yourself in your own head. This is how you can recognise your mindset and it’s the first step to achieve growth.

Pay attention to your thoughts and notice what they are telling you. If you affront a challenge, do you feel yourself second-guessing or in a doubt? Are your thoughts setting you back? It the answer is yes, you’ve spotted your fixed mindset, which is undermining your potential for success.

Choose Growth

Once recognised your fixed mindset, it’s time to recognise that you don’t have to stay in that place and that you are not stuck with the low esteem thoughts

You can interpret challenges, setbacks and criticisms in another way, by choosing to believe that you can do better. To have the right mindset for success you need to start to interpret your setbacks with a growth mindset. And by this, we mean that you have to start thinking of different strategies, put more effort and expand your abilities.

Talk Back

To have the right mindset for success you need to learn to talk back. By this we mean when it comes to that voice in your head, feel free to be as sassy as you wish in your response. You should tell the voice in your head how wrong it is to make the situation even harder and get it to change the approach by reflecting on your setbacks and belief in personal growth.

Instead of having your mindset telling you something like “I’m not sure I can do this? Maybe I don’t have the talent”. The growth mindset will say something like “I’m not sure I can do it now, but I think I can learn it with time if I put enough effort.”

A successful mindset will always know that most successful people had failures along the way to their success journey.


Changing the way you think it’s a big step, but it’s also important to know that the whole point of changing your mindset it’s so that you could change your actions too. Don’t just be happy to have a new inner voice that is more positive, try also to put your thoughts into practice and to use your new self-belief into becoming successful.

Don’t be Afraid of FailureThe right mindset for success

The most common reason people don’t succeed is that they are afraid to fail. The fear itself can keep people from attempting something in the first place. It is actually best to fail and learn from your mistakes. Even the most successful people are making mistakes.

To succeed and grow as a person you have to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Risk is scary, but stagnation is worse. Always remember that if you are not progressing then you are failing. Don’t be afraid to fail and keep trying to achieve success as many times as you need to succeed.

Create Long Term Goals Rather Than Short Term Goals

Create Long Term Goals Rather Than Short Term Goals

To have the right mindset for success you need to have a vision and know what you want from life. Before creating a strategy have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in the long term. When you do that, it will be easier to plan short term goals.

It’s better to have a plan of what you want to achieve and where you want to see yourself in the future. Plan and visualize how you’re going to get there. Without having long term goals and planning just step by step on how to achieve something can be a huge mistake.

Things often can go wrong and if you won’t be ready for it, it will be very easy to feel defeated, because you’ll have to think of a new plan again. You can avoid this if you will have a vision and long term goals of what you want to achieve. You’ll be more focused and keep working for that goal no matter how many setbacks you have.

Listen to Your GutListen to Your Gut

We all overlying about situations or something now and then and that is OK. Once start second-guessing every decision you’ll start to struggle to achieve your goals.

The issue with overthinking is that it makes you doubt and can lead to slowing down or destroying your career progress.

Entrepreneurs with many years of experiences saying that it is very important to make quick and tough decisions, and also if you want to be successful you have to avoid unproductive indecisiveness.

To become successful and have the right mindset for success you have to learn how to stop your indecisiveness constantly controlling your thoughts and actions. Instead of that you must be in charge and listen to your instinct. In most cases, your intuition will take you in the right direction. Never forget to believe in yourself.

We hope this article gave you the information you needed and ideas on what is the right mindset for success. If you ever need a hand or have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate and feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions as soon as possible.

All the best,

Marius & Ndidi

Founders of howtoquit9to5job.com

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  1. Mia


    Hi Marius & Ndidi,
    thank you for this post. I agree with you – the right mindset is crucial for success. I think this is something that also comes with time and especially as beginner, we often have to learn from failure and wrong decisions. That’s what makes us grow and stronger.

    • Ndidi


      Exactly Mia, but unfortunately most people are likely to give up after they make a mistake and take failures and mistakes as a defeat, then they should take it as a leaning to become stronger and better. There are no successful people in this world that haven’t failed before they succeed and people have to understand that and have more belief and persistence in themselves.

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